The mission of Shivalaya Temple of Greater Boston is to provide a place of worship, prayer, education, social and cultural activities for Hindu community of Greater Boston.


  • Provide a place of worship
  • Conduct daily worship services in accordance to traditional Hindu rituals.
  • Promote Hindu values of peace, harmony, truth, tolerance, non-violence, forgiveness and respect for one another through teachings of Hindu philosophy.
  • Conduct educational programs for children and adults based on Hindu values and tradition
  • Help our children develop a sense of pride and identities with our Indian heritage, while actively helping them become fine citizens.
  • Celebrate religious Hindu festivals.
  • Engage in various community activities to serve the needy and elderly.

Our Preacher: Swami Nalinanand Giri

Temple Hours

Monday- Saturday: 9AM-12PM, 5PM-7:30PM
Daily Aarti 7:00PM
Every Sunday:9AM-7:30PM
Every Monday:Shiv Stuti at 6:45PM
Every Tuesday:Hanuman Chalisa at 6:45PM

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