There are many ways to get involved with the development of the temple and to contribute to its success. Donations, educators, etc. are necessary to achieve our goals for the temple. We have gotten this far with generous donations from many, whether the donation be money, personal time, knowledge to educate others, and more.


Participate by making a donation

Shivalaya operates solely on the contributions of its generous donors. The support of individual Devotees makes it possible for our Temple to exist and help our community to fulfill their religious needs. Please make your generous donations by December 31st so that it can be included in your annual tax exempt donation letters for tax purposes.

Temple Hours

Monday- Saturday: 9AM-12PM, 5PM-7:30PM
Daily Aarti 7:00PM
Every Sunday:9AM-7:30PM
Every Monday:Shiv Stuti at 6:45PM
Every Tuesday:Hanuman Chalisa at 6:45PM

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