Ram Darbar

Ram Darbar comprises of Lord Ram, Laxman, Maa Sita, and Lord Hanuman. Lord Ram is also known as Maryada Purushottama meaning "the perfect man". Lord Ram is one of the most revered incarnations of Lord Vishnu and along with Maa Sita, an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi depicts a perfect couple. Along with Lord Ram and Maa Sita, Ram Darbar portrays Laxman who is an ideal brother and Lord Hanuman who is a model devotee. Lord Ram is kind and cares most for his devotees, thus prayers offered to Lord Ram never go in vain. Lord Ram teaches one to walk the path of dharma and righteousness. Lord Ram is an ideal son, husband, king, and a Supreme Protector for his devotees.

Temple Hours

Monday- Saturday: 9AM-12PM, 5PM-7:30PM
Daily Aarti 7:00PM
Every Sunday:9AM-7:30PM
Every Monday:Shiv Stuti at 6:45PM
Every Tuesday:Hanuman Chalisa at 6:45PM

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